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Employee Assistance Program (EAP):  the Lab’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), overseen by the Occupational Medicine Clinic and administered by Magellan, offers services, resources, and tools to help make your life a little easier. The Magellan EAP is provided at no cost to you and your household members. It includes up to five confidential counseling sessions provided by a third party from a nationwide network of licensed counselors. The confidential counseling is available in-person, by text message, live chat, phone, or video conference. The EAP can be accessed via the Employee Support System (under Employee Resources) on the Lab’s internal homepage. Or go directly to the Magellan Ascend website.

BNL mentoring program Brookhaven National Laboratory’s postdoc mentoring program is designed to to stimulate and maintain innovative research by providing a development roadmap for our postdocs. Activities focus on the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective researcher along with optimizing the mentoring experience with experiential learning opportunities that contribute to career advancement.

National Postdoc Association has the mission to improve the postdoctoral experience by supporting a culture of inclusive connection. At the individual, organizational, and national levels, it aims at facilitate enhanced professional growth, raise awareness, and collaborate with stakeholders in the postdoctoral community.

BNL’s Proposal Center & Grant Writing:  Provides principal investigators (PI’s) with numerous levels of support for proposal preparation. These support services range from basic editing/formatting to providing full scale proposal management for all funding opportunities. Contact Proposal Center, ext 4656

Postdoc community resources

Introducing INet – Association for International Scientists – INet NYC is here to provide support and professional guidance for all international graduate students and research fellows in STEM fields, that are or will be affiliated to any institution in the NYC area, to expand their skill set and career development opportunities. We also provide the opportunity to engage in a strong international peer network. Become a member today- it’s free!

500 Women Scientists is a non-profit group dedicated to making science open, inclusive, and accessible. To achieve this mission, they work to increase scientific literacy through public engagement, advocate for science and equity, and provide self-identifying women with the tools and support they need to reach their full potential. 

IAPS – International Association of Physics Students is an association of physics students and student societies from around the globe, working to promote peaceful collaborations amongst them.

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The Guide to BNL will provide additional resources available at BNL and the surrounding area.